Get fit tip: How to Make The Time to Exercise?

Sitting is killing you!

Do you know that sitting is killing you? It actually is, and is sitting down for longer periods of time is worse than you can imagine. Humans are not created to sit down. It is that television, computers and cars have forced us to spend more and more time. The truth us that we are sitting down for whooping 9.3 hours a day, and we spend like 7.7 hours sleeping. Sitting-is-KillingCan you imagine that? Sitting for 6+hours a day increase the chances that you die within 15 years by 40%. Sitting makes us fat. Each one in every 3 Americans is obese. While sitting we spend almost no energy at all. It wrecks our body, it ruins our soul.

However, there are many of us who work behind office desks and sitting for 8 hours flat is inevitable. Interrupt sitting whenever you can. My late father used to advise me:


“Don’t lay down, if you can sit down. Don’t sit down, if you can stand up. Don’t stand up, if you can MOVE!”


Take every opportunity to move around. Even if it is only for 3 minutes. Stretch, twist left and right, feel your blood circulate your body. Start walking up and down the stairs, or even walk in place. Jump up and down few times. Got to call your colleague in the next room? Stand up and go there!

Do you know that it is not only the sitting in the office that causes problems? But it is the sitting ourside the office that is deadly! Sitting in front of the television, laying on the couch to catch up on your series. It is not only destroying the communication within the family, but is also bad for the health. You are more likely to pick a junk ‘treat’. The good news is that you can do something about this:

Get off that couch, take the extra step. Walk to the nearby supermarket. Walk up the stairs to your flat.

Remember, every minute counts. Don’t just assume that 30 minutes are not enough. Sure, it is best if you can devote 1-2 hours per day to active time, but 30 minutes is waaay better than nothing. Get an active hobby and doo it as often as you can. Find someone to join you and you will have double the motivation to exercise.

Let us suggest you 3 fun hobbies that you could do after /or before/ the work hours.


It is a good way to spend your time. Apart from spending some time in the open, soaking the sun (or rain in bad weather) you will do some physical activity. The only two things you would need are a good pair of sneakers, a sports bra /optional/ and a sport suit. This is the exercise that is proven to burn the highest amount of calories among all cardio-vascular exercises.


It is relatively new, but very fun way to exercise. It combines dancing and fitness in a really fun way. Helps you burn calories while you are having great fun. You would need a pair of Zumba sneakers and some bright colored workout top and bottoms. Look for breathable materials, as this highly aerobic exercise would definitely make you sweat.


If you prefer slower and gentle movements, yoga is just for you. It is low-impact exercise that emphasis on meditation. Apart from having a toner body, you would have better stretch and would hopefully achieve internal peace with your self.


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