About us

At CatchTheScoop we curate the very best of the news and stories around the world, get the core ideas and bring them to you in a concise and easy to digest format.
We know how difficult is to keep up with all available information. Facebook and Twitter are simply overflowing every single second with news, stories and interesting materials. We sometimes wonder how it is possible to get some work done with that much tempting stories. Stories that just sit there waiting to be read. Attention-seekers with catching titles that offer no value. Stories that will eat your valuable time. We mean to be different.

How exactly we are different

We offer just a handful of stories, but those stories aim to improve you. To challenge you, to make you think.
We don’t aim to be the all-around resource, but a place to stop by and always learn something interesting.
A place that makes you a better person.
A site that challenges you to be your best self every single day.
Hope you enjoy our style and our ideas. Come see what we’ve gathered for you.

What are our core values and ideas we will discuss here:

  • Timing is everything – know when to do what. Know when to keep hustling and when to let go. Know when your friends need help and when they need to be alone
  • Balance between family and work – focusing on just on work, you will love invaluable moment with your family
  • Eat healthy and keep fit – our body will be with us our entire life. Learn how to keep it in its best form for as long as possible
  • Be Happy – start your day with a smile and the world will smile to you
  • Be your best self every day. Always make today better than yesterday
  • Karma – we are firm believers in good karma. If you do good things, even better things will start to happen to you

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