8 Extremely Easy Tips to Look Good and Feel Great Everyday

Sometimes we really hate our looks. We might even look like we rushed out of the door without looking at the mirror. The excuses are endless – ranging from I overslept to I have small kinds who need constant attention. Make no excuses. With few simple changes to your daily routine you will be able to look smart at all times.

Don’t you just envy those super-performers who seem to have constant flow of energy and 48 hours in a day. Nah, they don’t have more hours, nor they are super humans. They’ve just adopted some good habits and stick to them. The good news are that you can too.

  • Get out clean – no matter at what time you got to bed, wake up at least half an hour before you get out of the door. Use the time to brush your teeth, rinse your face and eat your fruits.
  • Decide what you will wear tomorrow and prepare your clothes. Nothing beats this one. Deciding on your outfit in the morning when you are in hurry isn’t a good idea. Do you know that the time in the morning runs faster than usual? Especially when you are in hurry.
  • Squeeze in some ‘ME’ time – get groomed. Simple things like being shaved and a good hairdo make you look fresh instantly. Ladies, shave your legs and pick your eyebrows regularly (at weekends is best). Get your nails polished. Gents, cut your nails and keep them in good shape.
  • Always use deodorant. I mean ALWAYS. Wearing perfume does not count. If you want to, use both. That will prevent excessive sweating and you will smell fresh at all times.
  • Make the time to exercise. Even if you have 5 minutes in the morning, you can squeeze in some exercise time. If you have half an hour, go out for a quick walk around. If you have an hour or more, get on the treadmill or even better go out for a run. Running is one of the least equipment demanding sports. All you need are comfortable running shoes, socks, everyday top and pants and you are all set. Getting our will help you get refreshed and you will feel better.
  • Don’t stay all day trapped inside your office – get outside even for 10 minutes. It would make a world of difference for your confidence.
  • Smile as often as you can. Find the bright side of life. Enjoy whatever you do. If you don’t enjoy your job, find another one that inspires you and brings you joy.
  • Relax as often as you can. Popular relaxation strategies are exercising, reading, going for a walk, going shopping, meditation.

You just need to decide that you need a change and embrace those little strategies. Every little step counts.

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Sitting is killing you!

Do you know that sitting is killing you? It actually is, and is sitting down for longer periods of time is worse than you can imagine. Humans are not created to sit down. It is that television, computers and cars have forced us to spend more and more time. The truth us that we are sitting down for whooping 9.3 hours a day, and we spend like 7.7 hours sleeping. Sitting-is-KillingCan you imagine that? Sitting for 6+hours a day increase the chances that you die within 15 years by 40%. Sitting makes us fat. Each one in every 3 Americans is obese. While sitting we spend almost no energy at all. It wrecks our body, it ruins our soul.

However, there are many of us who work behind office desks and sitting for 8 hours flat is inevitable. Interrupt sitting whenever you can. My late father used to advise me:


“Don’t lay down, if you can sit down. Don’t sit down, if you can stand up. Don’t stand up, if you can MOVE!”


Take every opportunity to move around. Even if it is only for 3 minutes. Stretch, twist left and right, feel your blood circulate your body. Start walking up and down the stairs, or even walk in place. Jump up and down few times. Got to call your colleague in the next room? Stand up and go there!

Do you know that it is not only the sitting in the office that causes problems? But it is the sitting ourside the office that is deadly! Sitting in front of the television, laying on the couch to catch up on your series. It is not only destroying the communication within the family, but is also bad for the health. You are more likely to pick a junk ‘treat’. The good news is that you can do something about this:

Get off that couch, take the extra step. Walk to the nearby supermarket. Walk up the stairs to your flat.

Remember, every minute counts. Don’t just assume that 30 minutes are not enough. Sure, it is best if you can devote 1-2 hours per day to active time, but 30 minutes is waaay better than nothing. Get an active hobby and doo it as often as you can. Find someone to join you and you will have double the motivation to exercise.

Let us suggest you 3 fun hobbies that you could do after /or before/ the work hours.


It is a good way to spend your time. Apart from spending some time in the open, soaking the sun (or rain in bad weather) you will do some physical activity. The only two things you would need are a good pair of sneakers, a sports bra /optional/ and a sport suit. This is the exercise that is proven to burn the highest amount of calories among all cardio-vascular exercises.


It is relatively new, but very fun way to exercise. It combines dancing and fitness in a really fun way. Helps you burn calories while you are having great fun. You would need a pair of Zumba sneakers and some bright colored workout top and bottoms. Look for breathable materials, as this highly aerobic exercise would definitely make you sweat.


If you prefer slower and gentle movements, yoga is just for you. It is low-impact exercise that emphasis on meditation. Apart from having a toner body, you would have better stretch and would hopefully achieve internal peace with your self.


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How To Increase Your Chances To Get A Job As A Construction Worker?

Many cities in US are currently undergoing through rapid development and as a result the construction is booming. Consequently, there are plenty of job openings available for construction workers. As the majority of those jobs doesn’t require specific education and selection is based on experience and know-how, these jobs are attracting a good number of immigrants, too. Whether it is repair, installation or building, the positions always attract a good number of applicants. The variety of opportunities and the chance to start from entry-level positions give you the change to be accepted in the company and progress within. However, one should be always aware that lack of specific education and the lower requirements naturally mean more competition for every single open position. Sometimes immigrants face even more challenges in finding a good construction job than the US residents.

First and foremost, one should get a good grasp of the general requirements for these jobs. These include the ability to work outside and do heavy-duty, manual labor; good comprehension of the assignments and of course, willingness to learn new things. Basically, these are the same requirements for construction workers all over the world.

construction jobs

Here are a few tips that will help you stand head and shoulders over the mediocre lazy competitors.


The construction industry is often bound with tight deadlines and different site locations. The schedule often changes with a short or no notice. Sometimes companies need to send some of their workers to a distant location in an effort to complete the project within the deadlines and up to the client’s requirements. Being flexible and able to change your schedule and location is a huge plus to workers.

If you can also combine your flexibility with the willingness to work overtime when needed to complete the project on time, will definitely help your career in this company.


Construction sites are quite dangerous. Personal protection and safety regulations are a must in this industry. Supervisors and managers often struggle to get the workers wear the necessary protective equipment at all times. Owning your personal protective equipment and showing on the very first day at the site wearing it, will be noticed immediately and is a huge plus (and will also keep you well protected).

Common PPE (personal protective equipment) on the construction sites includes hard hat, ear muffs, face masks/shields or goggles, gloves, heavy duty work boots and high visibility clothing.

Some companies provide part of the protective gear, and the rest is supplied by the worker. You should always consult your supervisor about what you are supposed to source yourself. No matter what your future company’s policy is, I would strongly advise you to invest in a good pair of work boots. Select them carefully according to your specific needs. Make sure to only choose the characteristics you actually need (steel caps, waterproofness, insulation). Make sure you read them before you decide to invest. Remember, the boots are on your feet every day, all day long. Don’t compromise.

construction workers


Few things are more irritating than worker that always shows up late. Get up a bit earlier and make sure you are always on time. Make it a priority to never miss a meeting and the start of the shift. As most construction workers are paid by the hour, showing up late hides the risk of being paid lower than your coworkers.


Ability to work with others and find solutions of the small day to day problems is highly appreciated. As many prefer to do the minimum required from them, employers will be more willing to take on the pro-active workers. Moreover, it is always a pleasure to deal with friendly and initiative people than with grumpy slackers.


Take every opportunity to learn something new, that will definitely help you get a raise and receive bonuses. Don’t bay at the safe harbor of what you already know. Also by learning the basics and the practical knowledge of the job you want to pursue in future will help you get such a job. Remember, to always ask for references of your ex-employer where the specifics of such trainings are mentioned.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the job  listings around you and apply for a job today! With the help of the tips above your career in the construction will be long and prosperous.